Different IP assets may contribute to your company in different ways. Trademark in one of the most valuable IP asset for each company, customers will recognize a different of your services and products from other competitors. It also plays an important part of your business’s success. With the right strategy, TM could create a large commercial value for your company. One of the mandatory strategies is searching. It is a first step of protecting your trademark, it is advisable to conduct a trademark search prior using a new trademark in Thailand and/or oversea or even filing a trademark application to make sure the mark is not used by another party.

Please bear in mind that, some trademarks are identical to yours, which easily to identify, but most cases are, confusingly similar and more difficult to spot, this is when LUCK IP steps in, we are an expert in local and international Trademarks, we provide status of an application both in Thailand and oversea, conducting trademark search prior filing, consulting, preparing and filing an application, prosecuting the application until grant, including consulting and preparing an amendment according to an office action, filing an appeal, preparing and filing an opposition ,an argument and a withdrawal to Trademark Board.


Patent is useful for business for a number of reasons, one is a patent provides “Exclusive Rights” to exclude other from making, using, selling and importing your invention commercially. Together with the right patent strategy, a company could get value and increased return of investment occurred during a development of each innovation through these exclusive rights. The patent allows the business to have a strong market position through an opportunity to license the invention or providing positive image of your company through a demonstration of the high level of expertise, specialization and even technology capacity. First advised patent strategy is filing a patent application in your potential markets, with Luck IP We specialize in a preparation of an application for entering national phase entry either via Paris convention route and PCT route as one stop service for patent includingfiling, prosecuting, registrating and renewal. We are able to help you with a filing an opposition and filing a recovery of an application that missed 30 month deadline. Additionally, we could help you monitor monthly published patent application of technology of your interest.


We provide professional and accurate translation covering all technical areas, especially, for patent application in pharmaceutical and chemical subjects. Our clients are oversea companies. We offer a professional service and utilize the latest translation software to assure our client received efficient and accurate translation. We take accuracy very serious, for patent translation, combination between technical and legal translation is crucial, with Luck IP Co., Ltd, we provide accuracy of technical-legal translation to make sure you will benefit your patent application the most.

We offer fast and accuracy from English to Thai and Thai to English, we use the latest Trados translation technology to aid our translation projects. Our translators are experienced and expertise in translation projects. We ensure each project assigned to the experienced subject specialist. A complete translation is proofed by a qualified translator.


We keepin mind that all the costs related to any invention and registration is important to our client, thus we have our drafting person available in house for providing good quality of drawings with a reasonable cost for our client.


We provide services related to other type of intellectual property such as drafting and reviewing license agreements. In additional, we also provide notary services.