LuckIP is an experienced Intellectual Property Law Firm located in Bangkok, city center of Thailand.  Our firm is motivated to transform an intangible asset into a commercial tangible asset. We encourage any inventor or company to transform an idea or invention into a legal right that can commercially benefit them. With more than 15 years in the intelectual property field, we offer full services, especially preparation and prosecution until grant of Trademark, Patent and Design.


Our firm further adds commercial value to your legal rights by commercializing your intelectual assets via licensing or crosslicensing and businessmatching. We also offer Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, evaluation, deadline Monitoring,  Intellectual Property Docketing and Documentation. We strongly believe Luck IP could assist you and help increase a commercialize value to your intellectual property assets with considerable cost savings.

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Our Team


Laksanaporn has more than 15 years of experience as Intellectual Property Lawyer. She had her Bachelor degree in laws (LL.B) and her Master degree in Business law (LL.M). She is a registered Thai patent agent who specializing in a preparation and prosecution of Trademark and Patent both domestic and international.


  • LL.M. Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand
  • LL.B. Ramkhamhaeng University, Thailand
  • Lawyer license, Lawyers council of Thailand
  • Notarial Services Attorney, Lawyers council of Thailand
  • Certificate in Intellectual Property Law and Management, organized by Central Intellectual Property and International Trade Court
  • Certificate “Advanced Intellectual Property Law: International Practice and IP Litigation” (The Thai Bar Associate)
  • Certificate “Intellectual Property Law for Business and Industry”
  • Registered Thai Patent Agent, certified by the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand
  • Registered Thailand Patent Agent

THITAREE SAMRANRIT/ Technical Specialist in Pharmacological Science counsel

Thitaree graduated in Doctor of Pharmacy from Naresuan University. She has had a lot of experiences in medication. Thitaree is a technical consultant in pharmaceutics who helps us to understand the origin and the composition of the quantity of medicines. It is crucial to rescue people from disease and symptoms.

  • Doctor of Pharmacy, Naresuan University

DR. PINYAPORN AREEGOSES/ Technical counsel

Dr. Pinyaporn is one of our technical consultants in medical science. She obtained the degree from Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China. She is a specialist in medical science, medical instruments, and remedy. In addition, she also has the ability to understand Thai, Chinese, and English.


  • Bachelor of Medicine &Bachelor of Surgery in Clinical Medicine (MBBS), Zhejiang University School of Medicine

PHAKDEE YAVICHAI/ Technical counsel

Phakdee is a technical consultant in engineering. He is an excellent expert in designing and developing computer programs and web applications.


  • B.Eng. (Computer Engineering), KMITL

DARIKA PHOTHIRUK, Ph.D /Legal counsel

Darika is a specialist in law who has many experiences in legal counsel in domestic law and international law.


  • LL.D. National Institute of Development Administration
  • LL.M. (International Trade Regulation) Thammasat University
  • LL.B. Thammasat University
  • Admitted to the Bar


Phanchomphu is an expert in preparation of intellectual property papers and generates to register it in Trademark, Patents, Copyright. Besides, she knows how to prepare the documents to litigate and prosecute.


  • LL.B. Ramkhamhaeng University
  • Lawyer license, Lawyers council of Thailand
  • Notarial Services Attorney