Different IP assets may contribute to your company in different ways. Trademark in one of the most valuable IP asset for each company, customers will recognize a different of your services and products from other competitors.


Patent is useful for business for a number of reasons, one is a patent provides “Exclusive Rights” to exclude other from making, using, selling and importing your invention commercially. Together with the right patent strategy, a company could get value and increased return of investment occurred during a development of each innovation through these exclusive rights.


We provide professional and accurate translation covering all technical areas, especially, for patent application in pharmaceutical and chemical subjects. Our clients are oversea companies. We offer a professional service and utilize the latest translation software to assure our client received efficient and accurate translation.


We keeping mind that all the costs related to any invention and registration is important to our client, thus we have our drafting person available in house for providing good quality of drawings with a reasonable cost for our client.


We provide services related to other type of intellectual property such as drafting and reviewing license agreements. In additional, we also provide notary services.

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Our Team


Managing Director

Laksanaporn has more than 10 years of experience as Intellectual Property Lawyer. She had her Bachelor degree in laws (LL.B) and her Master degree in Business law (LL.M). She is a registered Thai patent agent who specializing in a preparation and prosecution of Trademark and Patent both domestic and international.



Technical counsel

Kittima has years of experience working as a researcher, she recently graduated from Chulalongkorn University where she has got a doctor of philosophy in chemical engineering. She brought her extensive experience in chemical/chemical engineering to our patent team. Her specialties are energy storage technology and renewal energy.


Technical counsel

Tanissara has got her degree in Physical Chemistry from Suranaree University of Technology, she also has long background in industrial chemistry, and her specialties are industrial ceramic and Monte Carlo Simulations.


Drafting counsel

Yupa has been working in engineering and construction fields for about 10 years as a draftsperson. She is an expert in designing Electrical System, Fire Fighting Piping and Equipment, Piping Arrangement and Support Design in Engineering and Construction related to Petrochemical, Refinery Engineering Company.


Drafting counsel

Phanchomphu is handling preparation for formalities of filing patent, trademark, copyright and vice versa.